Serve Divorce Papers

How to Serve Divorce Papers in Texas

When starting the divorce process, you may have heard the phrase “serving your spouse” with divorce papers. Getting divorced is a legal process that involves having to tell the person you are divorcing what you want and why, as well as giving them an opportunity to respond. Your spouse must receive notice that you have…

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Files for Divorce

Does It Matter Who Files First for a Divorce?

Making the tough decision to file for divorce can feel overwhelming, but that decision can be even more emotionally taxing when the choice is taken out of your own hands. You may be asking yourself whether it is better for you to file first for a divorce or if you should wait for your spouse…

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Spousal Support in Texas

Spousal Support in Texas: What You Should Know

Spousal support, more commonly known as alimony, is paid by one former spouse to the other to help support their ex-partner financially. Spousal support is completely separate from child support and can be paid whether or not there are children involved in the divorce. While some people may think alimony is a relic from another…

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Mistakes during divorce

The Biggest Mistakes Doctors Make During a Divorce

1. Hiring Inexperienced Counsel Many doctors have friends who are lawyers or have business counsel for their practice and/or healthcare facility. Often times doctors will hire these lawyers to handle their divorce as they are convenient and may promise to get things done quickly because divorces are “easy” compared to healthcare lawsuits. Divorces, however, are…

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SAPCR - Texas Family Law

8 Things to Know About a SAPCR

Divorces are emotional processes, especially when children are involved. A suit affecting the parent-child relationship or a SAPCR is an essential part of a divorce that involves children. It is meant to establish the best environment possible for the child or children of the parents who are getting a divorce. The following are eight important…

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Doctors and Divorce in Texas

A Doctor’s Guide to Divorce in Texas

Divorce is an emotional and complicated process for anyone, but for doctors and other medical professionals many unique complications can arise that require special attention. A doctor’s personal and financial future may be seriously impacted by the outcome of a divorce, as his or her medical license, ethical standing, and professional career will be put…

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