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Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Divorce Attorney

No one enters into a marriage planning on getting divorced. Divorce law is complex and requires following a specific legal process that can take as little as a few months but as long as a few years depending on the circumstances surrounding the relationship and divorce proceedings. While you may be tempted to save some…

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Texas Quick Divorce Attorney

Can I Get a Quick Divorce in Texas?

Whether married for a short period of time or a few decades, the decision to end a marriage is not an easy one. Divorce is not something we typically associate with happiness or joy, and as such many couples ask just how quickly the divorce process can be completed. In Texas, a quick divorce can…

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modifying divorce decree

Modifying Your Divorce Decree: What You Need to Know

Finalizing a divorce can be a very lengthy process involving multiple mediations over issues including the division of assets, child custody, child support payments, and alimony, among other contentious issues. Once the divorce decree has been signed, the divorce process is complete; but situations may arise over time that require the decree to be modified….

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Texas Marital Property Law

Four Things to Know About Texas Marital Property Law

There are many different elements at play when it comes to divorce. While many separating couples may need to consider child custody and support, others may need to take a bigger view of their finances into account. One element likely to be present in most divorces is property. Understanding how marital property law works in…

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Divorce by Agreement

What Divorce By Agreement Means In Texas

Making the decision to divorce a spouse is never an easy choice to make. Divorce involves many different moving parts, including children, a shared home, and financial assets – all of which can quickly become points of contention for those involved. While some divorces can turn sour if spouses can’t agree on applicable terms, others…

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Delay Tactics In Divorce

5 Delay Tactics To Use In A Texas Divorce

Making the painstaking decision to go through the process of a divorce is difficult enough for those involved. While in many instances divorce proceedings can go smoothly and efficiently, there are several ways spouses can use delay tactics as a means to stall or drag out the entire process. Understanding the most common delay tactics…

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