Living Together During a Divorce

How to Handle Living with a Spouse During Divorce

Understandably, most couples would prefer to live separately when undergoing a divorce; but, for couples currently separated or considering a divorce in the wake of COVID-19, decisions and abilities are limited. While moving out is fiscally possible for some couples to manage, others find themselves in a financial fiasco during a stressful period. Additionally, for couples with children, living together during a divorce may be the best option for the family unit or most comfortable while child custody matters are sorted out. Though the thought of living together during a divorce is an unpleasant one, it is possible to amicably cohabitate during the divorce process. Couples can practice the following divorce tips to ease the tension that comes with living with your partner while extricating yourself from your marriage/relationship.

Living Together During a Divorce

Establish Boundaries

Establishing boundaries is one of the most helpful but also challenging actions that should be taken when deciding to live together during a divorce. Navigating the new normal that comes with separation can be difficult for obvious reasons, and tensions can be especially high if spouses feel they are “competing” with each other for time with children or for personal time. By establishing boundaries – such as time schedules for coming and going, coordinating work schedules, and possibly moving into another room – allows each spouse their personal space and time.

Establish a Budget

It’s no secret that divorces can be expensive. In fact, many couples living together during a divorce do so due to the additional expense. While divorce does not mean an individual will be in debt or under financial hardship, it’s important to establish a budget during the transition. A budget will not only help each spouse adjust to paying their own expenses, but it can also reduce arguments over finances. It’s important to work together on a budget so financial expectations and obligations are clear and upfront, which can help smooth the divorce process.

Equally Divide Duties 

Every couple has its own unique household duties. For some, this could be picking up and dropping off children at school, taking care of pets, and general work needed around the house. While it seems impossible to work as a team during this phase, it can dramatically improve the lives of everyone involved. Parents should work together to establish their duties in relation to child care as well as bonding time during what can be a traumatic time period for children. By taking the time to fairly divide daily duties, couples can avoid unnecessary resentment and confrontation during an emotional time. 

Plan Ahead

The divorce process can be drawn out depending on the couple; and, while it may seem inconceivable to imagine, let alone plan, for life post-divorce, it’s important to do so. Unfortunately, many couples find that even after their divorce has been finalized they are not prepared to move out. Discussing a housing plan while living together during a divorce prepares spouses for the next chapter of their lives. This important divorce tips will also aid in dividing assets and making sensitive decisions such as selling a family home. The new budget that couples or individuals establish during the separation phase can also be an indicator of what to expect post-divorce, which can otherwise come as a shock to the unprepared.

Brazoria County Divorce Attorneys  

The divorce process does not have to be as tumultuous as many believe it to be, and as it turns out for many couples, living together during divorce is the best option. Many couples choose to cohabitate while separated and are able to do without serious turmoil by practicing the above divorce tips. Although this can be a time of uncertainty and high emotions, it is also a time period wherein each spouse can reclaim their personal life and redefine their needs and wants. If you are considering a divorce or have questions regarding the divorce process, contact Brazoria County divorce attorneys at Terry & Roberts today. We are committed to compassionately guiding clients through the divorce process from start to finish, answering all questions, and addressing any concerns in order to provide as smooth and peaceful an experience as possible.

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