Getting final orders in your divorce case can be cathartic for those who have suffered the strain of long and drawn-out family court proceedings; sadly, litigation surrounding your former marriage is not always over for good when the initial decree is entered.

If one or both the parties experience a significant change after the divorce decree, the parties can petition the court to modify child support, child custody, and spousal support, among other items. The modification should be filed in the same court where the original proceedings were handled.

Whether major or minor, a Texas divorce modification requires the requesting party to demonstrate a material and substantial change in personal circumstances. The most common reasons for post-divorce modifications usually involve financial needs and changes in child custody circumstances.

There are two main ways to file for a modification of child support in Texas: going through the Texas child support review process or going to court. Child support modification in Texas is not retroactive, meaning the custodial parent cannot receive back payments for income made before the petition for a change in child support was filed.

If your ex-spouse has not complied with the original terms of your divorce decree, you have the right to take them back to court for an enforcement action. Common reasons for enforcement include not following the official custody schedule and refusing to pay child support.

Brazoria County Modification and Enforcement Lawyers

Whether you need to file a modification or are facing a request for a modification, we can represent your best interests. While your divorce is final, your divorce agreement may not be. Our Texas modification and enforcement lawyers provide a compassionate but thorough approach to family law. Have you, your child, or your ex-spouse gone through a major life change? If so, you should look into modification immediately. Likewise, if one party to a divorce decree continues to act against a standing court order, you should look into enforcement.

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