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  • The decision to divorce is never an easy one, and Texas divorce law doesn't make it any easier. There are seven grounds for divorce in Texas and if a divorce is contested, the situation becomes even more complicated. Our Brazoria County divorce attorneys will stand by your side throughout the process, helping you get the best outcome for yourself and your children.
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  • Even if you think you can put together a child custody agreement amicably with your child’s other parent, it’s important to have a legally enforceable agreement for the protection of everyone involved. Texas child custody cases are complicated and our Brazoria County child custody lawyers can make sense of the process for you. Read More

  • Whether you are a parent trying to collect child support from another parent or you feel you’re paying more than you should based on your income, our Texas child support attorneys will make sure your family’s child support arrangements work in the best interests of both children and parents. Read More

  • Adoption is an emotional time for families, but also a time full of uncertainties, paperwork, and legal hurdles. Our Texas adoption lawyers handle cases involving stepparent adoption, international adoption, private adoption, special needs adoption, relative adoption, and same-sex couple adoption. We’ll navigate the legalities so you can focus on your growing family. Read More

  • Also known as prenups, Texas law allows two parties to enter into premarital agreements to determine how property will be allocated in the event of a separation or divorce. These agreements aren’t just about protecting your assets, but also serve to protect you from your spouse’s debts. Read More

  • Our Brazoria County paternity lawyers will help you establish paternity and assert your rights to see your child. Every child deserves two active, loving parents and the financial support they need to thrive. Read More

  • When you are a victim of domestic violence, you feel alone. When you work with our Texas domestic abuse attorneys, you won’t ever have to feel alone again. We can file protective orders and restraining orders in Texas courts and advocate on your behalf. Read More

  • Circumstances change; sometimes you need your divorce decree to change with them. If you need to modify previous agreements on child support, child custody, and spousal support, our Brazoria County modification and enforcement lawyers can assist you with the process. Read More

  • Our Brazoria County grandparents’ rights attorneys will help you fight for the best interests of your grandchildren. If your grandchildren’s parents are negligent and a child’s physical health or emotional well-being is at risk, we can help you fight for visitation, managing conservatorship, or even custody as a grandparent. Read More

  • When your child is removed from your custody, you can feel overwhelmed and powerless. Our Texas CPS legal defense attorneys will support you through your case and help you take the steps needed to reunite your family. Read More


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