401k divorce

How Is a 401k Divided in a Divorce?

Many clients come to us asking whether they can keep their 401(k) in a divorce. Like all other marital property, retirement accounts are part of the community, and they are divided equally between the spouses. While that is the black letter rule, there may be some complex issues with 401(k)s, especially when each spouse had…

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Bankruptcy and Divorce

The Intersection of Divorce and Bankruptcy

How Bankruptcy and Divorce Work Together in Texas One of the leading causes of divorce in Texas is when married couples argue over money. Any marital issues can become far worse when a married couple is experiencing financial difficulties. Divorce does not make financial problems go away. In fact, creating two households where one existed…

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Living Together During Divorce

How to Handle Living with a Spouse During Divorce

In Texas, there is no legal requirement that spouses live separately and apart under different roofs before they can file for a divorce. As a result, spouses contemplating a divorce in Texas can choose to live together in order to save money since moving out of their home would mean that both spouses would need…

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Couple going through divorce

Filing an Uncontested Divorce in Texas

When it comes to filing for divorce in Texas, there are no easy options. The only options are “difficult” and “somewhat less difficult.” Even though an uncontested divorce is marketed as a quick and express split, it is rarely as clean and easy as it sounds. What You Must Consider in the Divorce Process When…

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should I file for divorce first

Should I File for Divorce First?

When you are contemplating a divorce, you need to act with forethought and intention. You must consider a strategic approach to going through with the divorce. Timing is an issue, along with whether you are the petitioner or the respondent in the case. Many people wonder whether they can gain an advantage in a divorce…

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Is Texas a Community Property State

Is Texas a Community Property State?

There are two ways courts can divide marital assets in the event of a divorce. The first is the method used in a majority of states: equitable distribution. Equitable distribution is a principle of common law that is used to determine how property is divided. This legal principle divides marital assets based on certain factors,…

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