Strategies for Navigating a High Conflict Divorce

high conflict divorce

Combative behavior in a divorce is never focused on ending the marriage but serves as a destructive tactic to tear a partner down. High conflict divorces are often costly to both parties because the time it takes to end the marriage is lengthened and mired in legality. These behaviors can also result in psychological trauma to the children of partners who engage in negatively impactful behaviors.

Navigating any Texas divorce is an emotionally challenging process. However, there are strategies each partner can implement to walk out of a marriage without the battle wounds of high conflict and with a sense of achievement in respectfully ending a partnership, if not for the other person but for yourself. Strive for the best outcome in a Brazoria County divorce by considering these strategies to reduce high conflict.

Focus on the End Goal

Words and actions successfully pave the way to a destination or become the potholes and landmines that prevent reaching a desired result. Partners decide to divorce because they seek an end to the marriage, and each chosen word or action can support a successful journey to the end of the legal union – or not.

With practice, focusing on the words and actions that impact the process will bring awareness to those supporting the end goal and others serving as barriers to achieving your intention. High conflict behaviors are a catalyst used to enrage the other partner, and implementing techniques that allow a moment to step back before responding, such as taking a few deep breaths, acts as water on the fires set to destroy each other. High conflict behaviors often lessen when the behavior does not elicit the sought-after response.

There may be valid reasons to pursue accusatory language, but these interactions never support achieving the end goal. If the destruction of a partner’s character, stability, and safety is the desired outcome, then it is worth considering professional guidance for these feelings. These behaviors never only damage the intended victim.

Seek Professional Help

Talking with an unbiased, trained professional is simpler than ever. With the rise in available online services, individuals can find help in the privacy of their homes at any time of day. A trained counselor can offer an individual the skills needed to bring change in a situation regardless of a partner’s behavior, such as:

  • Shifting conversational tones by using neutral communication skills
  • Understanding that personality disorders and mental health can be a driving force behind high conflict behaviors
  • Recognizing negative personal behaviors and transforming behaviors into beneficial actions
  • Tools to protect children from the impact of high conflict
  • Practices that support future successful interactions that minimize or break cycles and patterns of high conflict behaviors

Many health insurance programs now offer coverage for professional counseling. A trusted team of Texas divorce lawyers may have insight into programs that provide counseling services and support when income challenges exist. Surrounding yourself with supportive professionals will contribute to personal success.

Never Publicize Your Private Business

Social media content is often a source of conflict and can be used as evidence in court proceedings. Deleting information is never recommended, but it is also critical to understand that pressing the delete button may not permanently delete data. Any likes, shares, tags, or comments portraying the following behaviors can be scrutinized by a judge but will likely fuel conflict:

  • Lavish behaviors that represent irresponsible money management or hidden monetary assets
  • Unsafe behaviors that could damage the safety of others, children, or a spouse
  • Illegal or excessive activities such as extreme alcohol use, even when a drug is legal and used in other states
  • The display of new relationships or dating interactions

Taking a social media hiatus during a divorce can protect your privacy and ensure a better outcome in final divorce proceedings. Everyone has been a spectator to an online personal battle between individuals, but it can be damaging to become a spectacle. Not only do these online interactions ratchet up a high conflict situation, but they can negatively impact your future.

Limit Interaction

Access to other individuals is now available around the clock via texts, calls, and emails. Becoming familiar with where people go and what they do throughout the day through social media is simple. Limiting interaction can minimize the chances of engaging in high conflict connection.

It is acceptable to limit responses only to interactions that impact the children, immediate financial decisions such as bill payment, or a spouse’s need to access a property like the family home. Even these topics can be used to spark conflict, so working closely with a Texas divorce attorney and mediator can help establish critical guidelines early in the process to avoid contentious interactions throughout the process.

When necessary, respond with neutral comments that only answer questions. Digital correspondence can also be used in court as evidence, so pausing before firing a heated text response is critical. Stay away from a spouse’s frequented hangouts, workplaces, or other social environments that lend themselves to the potential for a run-in and conflict.

Focus on Your Most Valuable Assets

We cannot ignore that the distribution of marital assets can significantly impact life moving forward after divorce, and assets are often the source of high conflict. Working with an experienced divorce lawyer in Brazoria County allows an experienced team to take up the legal fight so that your personal focus can shift to any children who feel the impact of divorce, the mental health of each family member, and the opportunities that await after a divorce is final.

It may be necessary to finish classes to complete a degree, move to find a better location near supportive relatives or a child’s daycare, or take on new work to support these changes. None of these tasks are simple during harmonious times. Disengaging in a high conflict divorce can mean the difference in success or failure in choices that promote growth and stability.

Physical health is also a vital asset, and gym membership is not required. Walking outside, meeting sleep recommendations, and healthy eating can support stress management during conflict and divorce. Investing in health is a profitable choice.

Find Steadfast Support in a Texas Divorce

The need for professional support during a Texas divorce cannot be overemphasized. The Brazoria County family law attorneys at Terry & Roberts are experienced in achieving successful resolutions in high conflict divorces, standing with their clients during the most complex cases and challenging interactions. Allowing a knowledgeable legal team to step in and discharge the emotional aspects of divorce assists clients in making sound decisions while lessening the impacts of conflict.

Finding focused Texas family law support is also cost-effective when conflict serves to derail the divorce process, stalling it indefinitely. Taking the appropriate legal actions, we help clients move forward step by step without the diversion of high conflict with a partner. We remain focused on the end goal and your well-being throughout divorce proceedings.

While we work toward a resolution for your divorce, we recognize that navigating interactions with a high conflict ex-spouse may be a challenge for some time, especially when children are involved. Terry & Roberts supports a family’s needs now and moving forward after the divorce finalization process in Texas. Contact us to learn more about how we can help. We are here for you when you need us most.

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