The Difference Between Private and Agency Adoptions

Private adoption

The decision to adopt signifies the beginning of a journey and new season in a person or couple’s life. While adoptions are generally an exciting time for prospective parents and their loved ones, the process can also be challenging as legal matters unfold. With this new season comes a mix of emotions and many questions, ranging from how to get started to what type of adoption, agency or private, best fits the lifestyle of the soon-to-be family. An experienced Brazoria County adoption attorney can assist you with and provide guidance throughout the adoption process.

What is Private Adoption?

Private adoption is sometimes referred to as independent adoption, as the prospective parent or parents primarily work with an adoption attorney rather than an adoption agency. Because private adoptions can occur without the need for an adoption agency, they bypass adoption agency fees, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars depending on the circumstances. Typically, during private adoptions the birthmother will relinquish her parental rights to the prospective parents. Private adoptions are not available in all states, but states like Texas that allow them have varying laws regarding the process.

One issue prospective parents face when choosing private adoption is the need to hire outsourced professional help to meet the requirements necessary for finalizing the adoption. One example is a social worker, as one would is needed to conduct home visits and other background checks in order for an adoption to be finalized.

What is an Agency Adoption?

Agency adoption occurs when a prospective parent(s) seeks the assistance of a licensed adoption agency. Some prospective parent(s) may feel more comfortable pursuing the traditional agency route because of the guidance and support offered.

Additionally, agency adoptions are inclusive from start to finish, facilitating all aspects of the adoption process, including creating a candidate profile for prospective parent(s), matching prospective parent(s) to birth mothers, arranging and conducting home visits and background checks, placements, and finalization. Since agencies can and do arrange all of the components required for a successful adoption, many will be able to provide an estimated cost for the adoption process upfront to prospective parents.

Starting or growing a family is an exciting time that includes a lot of moving parts, which are mostly legal and can be complex in nature. With either private adoption or agency adoption, the guidance an adoption attorney can offer prospective parents peace of mind with a sound and secure adoption. Our Texas adoption attorneys are equipped to handle all local family law legal matters.

Texas Adoption Attorneys

When considering adoption, it’s best to seek the counsel of an experienced adoption attorney to ensure everything is handled in accordance with state law; otherwise, you risk the chance of having your adoption declared invalid. The family law trial team at Terry & Roberts shares the common goal of helping families avoid this painful scenario. Contact Terry & Roberts today to schedule a confidential consultation with a seasoned, knowledgeable Texas adoption lawyer. We will help you every step of the way toward building the family of your dreams.

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