Reasons You Need a Family Lawyer After You Are Divorced

Family Lawyer After Divorce

You’ve been through the wringer and come out the other side. Your divorce has been finalized and you can breathe a small sigh of relief. Be prepared, though, to hang on to your family lawyer even after you are divorced. There are many reasons why you might need to seek legal assistance after divorce even if you just want the whole thing to remain in the past. First, you will want to review in detail the terms of your divorce after it has been finalized with your family lawyer. New financial information may also come forward that could change the terms of the divorce. Custody of children may change over time depending on the family’s circumstances. For these reasons and more, you will want to have a family lawyer by your side to guide you through any upcoming changes in your family’s life in the years following the finalization and entry of your Texas divorce decree.

Reviewing Your Divorce Decree

In the majority of divorce cases, the case is settled before it goes to trial. Many couples resolve their issues with the help of family lawyers and/or in mediation and enter into a divorce settlement agreement that is eventually proved up in court and becomes your divorce decree. It is always a good idea to take the time to review the terms of your divorce decree with your lawyer, just in case there is something you don’t understand, don’t remember agreeing to, or want revised. It is essential to review each and every item in the divorce decree after it has been finalized so that you have a full understanding of your responsibilities as well as the responsibilities of your ex-spouse. Your family lawyer can help you understand these terms and keep you on schedule to fulfill all obligations according to the agreed upon and court ordered deadlines.

Financial Changes and Disclosures

Throughout the divorce process, both parties involved are relied upon to provide accurate and thorough financial statements that will determine alimony, child support, and more. There may also be additional accounts, assets, properties, or other holdings related to the married couple that were not disclosed during the divorce process. Not having the full picture could cause a significantly lower amount of spousal or child support to be deemed appropriate or a much smaller settlement to be awarded. If an accurate analysis of all financial assets was not done during the divorce process, the case may need to be reopened and you will need your family lawyer to lead the way. The negatively affected spouse may now have an opportunity to present additional financial information to the judge, who can issue a new ruling that incorporates the full financial details of the parties. Your family lawyer will have the resources to find out all related financial information that will help in your case.

In cases where alimony is awarded, there may be a temporary amount of alimony given with an agreement that after a certain amount of time that amount will be reviewed by a judge. When that date arrives, your family lawyer will be essential in protecting your rights. Financial circumstances may have changed between the finalization of the divorce and review of alimony. Changes in employment, new financial disclosures, and other factors will be taken into account by the judge in determining what amount of alimony should be given going forward. Your family lawyer will need to present your side of the case with all relevant information to allow the judge to update the initial decree and/or other rulings.

Custody of Children

Divorce decrees involving children will have a custody agreement included. This agreement may need to change over time depending on the needs of the children involved as well as significant life changes for the parents. The court is able to modify a child custody order for a variety of reasons. Either parent can file a petition seeking child custody modifications at any time. The petition must be filed in the court of original jurisdiction where the divorce was filed and resolved. You will want your family lawyer to represent you and your children’s interests during these proceedings. Some reasons why custody may need to be modified can include the physical relocation of a parent due to work, the child’s needs changing significantly and one parent being better suited to meet those needs, a parent’s financial situation changing and they cannot afford to be primary caregiver, or unfortunately, the child may be in danger and must be taken out of a bad home environment. A family lawyer will be critical to this process and can ensure your children are given every resource needed to secure their safety, wellbeing, and future.

Brazoria County Family and Divorce Lawyers

Whether you need to file a modification after your divorce or are facing a request for a modification from your ex-spouse, we can represent you and your family in any type of family court proceeding. While your divorce is final, the terms may not stay that way as life goes on and circumstances evolve. Our Texas divorce lawyers provide a compassionate but thorough approach to family law. Have you, your child, or your ex-spouse gone through a major life change? If so, you should look into modification immediately so you can do what is best for everyone involved. Contact our office today to learn more about how we can help.

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