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Divorce is rarely ever easy, but some cases are particularly turbulent. A divorce like this is referred to as a high conflict divorce. Examples of a high conflict divorce include marriages where domestic violence took place or other forms of abuse, such as verbal and emotional.

But a marriage doesn’t have to be abusive in order for the divorce to be high conflict. Sometimes divorce brings out an unexpected emotional response in a person that is different from their normal personality. Whatever the reason, if you are seeking a divorce from a person who is volatile or highly argumentative, you need the help of a lawyer who has experience with high conflict divorce.

The family lawyers of Terry & Roberts have handled many high conflict divorces in Angleton, TX, Pearland, TX, and the surrounding areas. We are experienced and effective advocates for our clients, standing up for your rights and helping mediate conflict to reach an agreement whenever possible.

Characteristics of High Conflict Divorce

There are some common patterns or indications that tend to identify a high conflict divorce, such as:

  • Spouse has a conflictive personality. Some people have a naturally conflictive personality. They tend to get into disagreements easily with others on a daily or regular basis. They may even get into physical fights often. If one spouse has this personality type, you can expect a high conflict divorce.
  • Spouse is physically, verbally, or emotionally abusive. If one spouse has been abusive to the other, either physically harming the other, or using words and other tactics to emotionally wound the other, the divorce will almost definitely be high conflict.
  • Spouse shows signs of aggression. One spouse may constantly threaten the other, sending argumentative messages and engaging in angry phone calls. This partner may even attempt to harass the other spouse’s lawyer.
  • Spouse abuses alcohol or substances. If there is alcohol or other substance abuse involved for either spouse, the chances of a high conflict divorce are greatly increased.
  • Spouse is a narcissist. When one spouse exhibits narcissistic behavior, such as self-obsession, disconnection with reality, intimidating others by bullying or belittling them, and generally only cares about themselves, the divorce process will not be easy.
  • Spouse seeks to hurt the other spouse at all costs. One spouse may feel hurt or betrayed because of the divorce and use every strategy possible to hurt the other spouse. One of the most common ways is through the children, attempting to win custody away from the other spouse just to get back at them.
  • Spouse’s lawyer exhibits similar aggressive behavior to the client. A person with a highly conflictive personality will seek out and hire a lawyer with a similar personality. You can expect this type of spouse to have lawyer who will use vindictive or deceptive tactics to achieve the desired outcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions About High Conflict Divorce

Will a high conflict divorce go to court?

Many divorces are settled out of court between the two spouses and their lawyers. However, in high conflict cases it tends to be more difficult for the parties to come to an agreement on big issues like custody, property ownership, alimony, and child support. If the divorce cannot be settled out of court, it will proceed to trial where a judge or jury will hear the facts and make the ultimate factual determination on all outstanding issues.

Is a contested divorce considered high conflict?

In some cases, a contested divorce can reach the level of being high conflict. A contested divorce exists when one or both spouses do not agree on any aspect of the divorce. When an agreement cannot be reached, the divorce is contested – the majority of divorces are contested on at least one issue, but not all are high conflict.

Does there have to be abuse for a divorce to be considered high conflict?

Not every high conflict divorce involves spousal abuse. Sometimes both parties are stubborn and unable to compromise in a way that would allow the divorce to be resolved and finalized more easily and quickly. Spouses in a divorce are likely to disagree on at least one aspect of the divorce, but they may not necessarily handle the disagreement in a combative way.

Will a high conflict divorce be more expensive?

There is a good chance that a high conflict divorce will cost more overall. This is especially true if the case goes to trial. Whenever your lawyer is working for you, you are billed for that time. If a divorce settles quickly, your fees will be less. If the divorce is highly contested to the point where it involves multiple hearings and heads toward trial, there will be additional fees involved.

What kind of lawyer do I need for a high conflict divorce?

It helps to have an experienced lawyer on your side during a high conflict divorce. If the other spouse’s lawyer is fighting aggressively to get their client what they want in the divorce, you need a lawyer who is prepared to fight back on your behalf. You need someone who knows the ins and outs of divorce law so that they can go toe to toe with the opposition.

How can I protect myself and my children from an abusive spouse?

Many abused spouses are afraid to file for a divorce against their abusive spouse because they are afraid of retaliation. The first step should be to get yourself and your children out of the abusive situation. Then you can file a restraining order against your spouse. A lawyer can help you with this step and then help you take the next step of filing for divorce. Having an experienced family lawyer on your side can help protect you and your children.

Why should I hire Terry & Roberts for my divorce?

Whether or not you are expecting a high conflict divorce in Angleton, TX, Pearland, TX, or anywhere in Brazoria County, you need an experienced lawyer on your side who will fight for your rights. If you know your spouse has a volatile personality and/or if they have ever been abusive, take heart in knowing the lawyers of Terry & Roberts have worked on cases like yours before. We know how to proceed and help you to stay safe as well as get what you deserve in the split.

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