The parent-child relationship is important and crucial, so we understand how vital it is for you to have quality time and active involvement with your children. The Texas Family Code refers to child custody as "conservatorship." There are three types of conservatorship in the state of Texas: Joint Managing Conservator, Sole Managing Conservator, and Possessory Conservator.

Joint managing conservatorship is ordered when the court finds both parents should be involved in a child’s life. A joint parenting plan will be drafted and entered to establish which parent the child spends time with and at what time(s). The court can also order sole managing conservatorship to one parent, but the other parent can be granted possessory conservatorship allowing them visitation rights with their child.

In Texas, however, state family law presumes parents will share custody of their children as joint managing conservators. Unless it can be shown shared custody will endanger a child’s physical or emotional health, courts prefer shared custody arrangements that encourage frequent and continuing contact between children and both of their parents. In an effort to encourage equal parenting time, the Texas state legislature created visitation guidelines. While parents are not required to follow these guidelines, judges consider them when determining custody and visitation schedules, and when deciding whether to approve a proposed custody and visitation plan.

Furthermore, legal custody entitles a parent to make large decisions considering the child’s well being and future, including decisions concerning religion, education, and other important factors. Physical custody determines where the child will live, and this parent will make decisions concerning everyday life.

Brazoria County Child Custody Lawyers

Just like a divorce, Texas child custody cases can be complicated and require legal assistance. While deciding legal conservatorship, the court takes many factors into consideration, and then finds the best possible solution. Our experienced Brazoria County child custody attorneys will answer all of your child custody, custodianship, and conservatorship related questions as part of our work together.

If you are going through a divorce involving minor children, or you are an unmarried parent seeking to establish paternity, you need the assistance of experienced family law attorneys. Contact Terry & Roberts today, so our attorneys can petition the court for fair custody and visitation schedules that protect your parental rights.

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