How to Find a Good Divorce Lawyer

Meeting with a divorce attorney

Arriving at the decision to proceed forward with a divorce is an emotional and taxing experience; the process can be complicated tenfold without the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced divorce lawyer. A divorce lawyer will wear many hats for their client throughout the divorce process. A divorce lawyer will guide and support a client while being their confidant and advocating for their client’s needs. It is important that an individual seeking to file for divorce hire a seasoned divorce lawyer to achieve the best possible outcome in their case. Individuals who choose to forgo the assistance of a lawyer and represent themselves instead run the risk of jeopardizing their case due to emotions and inexperience with the law.

Selecting the Right Representation   

It is probably safe to say that the key aspect in selecting the best legal representation is the qualifications of the lawyer. Just because someone practices law does not mean they will be able to efficiently and successfully handle a client’s specific case. It is important that the lawyer has a history of successfully resolving divorces with issues similar to yours and has the ability to listen to their client and assist them in an effective manner.

Family Law Focused

In order to successfully represent a client throughout a divorce case, the lawyer needs to be an experienced family law practitioner. An attorney who does not normally handle family law cases, specifically divorce, is likely to fall short in advocating for their client’s needs. Divorce and family law are highly technical areas of practice that require an acute set of skills that can only be fostered through years of experience accompanied by a corresponding track record of client satisfaction. 

Proven Track Record

One way prospective clients can learn more about their lawyers they meet with is by researching client reviews. Taking a deeper dive into a lawyer’s track record online will provide insight into how well they listen to and advocate for their client. Those seeking a divorce should look for lawyers who have several years of practice under their belt during which they successfully resolved cases for their clients. Additionally, more seasoned lawyers will have the experience needed to effectively handle any hiccups or challenges that a case may present. 


Next to a lawyer’s family law qualifications, character is a crucial factor in selecting the right attorney for your divorce case. Because of the sensitive and deeply personal nature of the matters being handled during the process, the must be able to trust their lawyer and feel comfortable sharing details of needs and/or concerns, especially if children are involved. The trust and bond formed between a client and lawyer will not only help the lawyer gain insight into their client’s life and therefore be able to more effectively advocate on their behalf, it will also provide a deeper level of support and comfort during this stressful season.  

 Brazoria County Divorce Lawyers 

Life leading up to a divorce filing is full of questions, emotions, and even second-guessing. This can add to the stress that already comes with the divorce process, and the counsel of an effective lawyer can make all the difference. It is important that a client not only have quality legal representation during this time period but also feel that their individual needs and concerns are being heard and met. The experienced and knowledgeable team of family law lawyers at Terry & Roberts are committed to serving their clients throughout the entire divorce process, seeking to ease the stresses that may accompany it. Contact us today to learn more.


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