Dads’ Guide to Navigating Texas Child Custody

Child custody for fathers

Learning how to navigate child custody is difficult for any parent; learning how to transverse child custody for fathers can be especially difficult as finding helpful during this time can be few and far between. Fathers have the same rights as mothers to grow their parent-child relationships during a complex and difficult time without obstacles or interference. Fathers can help ensure a smooth transition and be prepared for their custody schedules by practicing the following tips. 

It can be challenging to figure out the correct course of action when navigating such foreign territory in a child custody dispute. This is an emotional and stressful time for both parent and child, and the first step in ensuring a seamless transition is to hire an experienced Texas family lawyer. Legal counsel is crucial for parents forming or modifying child custody arrangements. Through the guidance of a knowledgeable and compassionate attorney, navigating child custody for fathers can be made easy by making sure they are in good standing with the court and are adhering to all court orders to help avoid any unsuspected bumps in the road. A child custody lawyer serves as an advocate for their client and will work to ensure the court takes their client’s needs into account. After hiring counsel, fathers should adhere to the following guidelines with regards to their Texas child custody orders:

Follow Court Orders

Not only are parents required by law to follow court orders regarding child custody, it is extremely important that parents always abide by court orders. If not, additional legal issues may arise that can be costly both in terms of finances and emotions. These issues can also take away valuable time that could be spent with the child or children involved and create a more stressful environment for everyone.

Pay Child Support

Paying child support as ordered by the court is crucial. Regardless of any legal matters that may be at hand, a parent should never suspend paying court-ordered child support. Not only does this negatively reflect on the parent in court, but it can also impact the quality of life of a child or children.

Maintain Records      

Fathers should make it a habit to save records related to child pick-up and drop-off schedules, vacations, child support, and child custody. By retaining physical and digital copies of important documents, fathers can ensure they have evidence if needed should a dispute arise.


Co-parenting can be one of the most difficult actions for unmarried or separated parents; however, consistent rearing is vital to the child-parent relationship as well as the child’s mental wellbeing. Though it may be difficult, parents should endeavor to communicate openly about visitation, important events, and more. This helps both parents feel their parent-child relationships are not being interfered with while defining respectful boundaries. Additionally, children who witness a respectful co-parenting relationship are less likely to struggle with mental health and other stress-related issues.

Attend Important Events

One of the more difficult aspects of separation or divorce is that children and parents often feel they miss out on important life events. Parents are encouraged to stay involved and make it a point to show up. Important events – like sports games, school programs, birthday parties, and more – are opportunities for parents and children to create lifelong memories and build a stronger bond.

Make Space for Your Child

It’s common to feel awkward during the beginning transitional phases of child custody for fathers and children. Children are sensitive to their environments, and when a home has been affected by separation or divorce, the home to which they are accustomed significantly changes. Parents can help kids through this by dedicating a space for them in their new home. While this does not mean each child needs his or her own room, the effort made by parents to create space for a child is welcoming and comforting. This helps establish a comforting, routine environment for children as they negotiate their way through this chapter of life.

Brazoria County Child Custody Lawyers

Fathers do not have to face the challenges of child custody alone. With the many questions and stressors that come with family law litigation, fathers can take solace in knowing an experienced Texas child custody lawyer is looking out for their case, concerns, and children. If you are a father who has questions or concerns about divorce, separation, and/or child custody, contact the attorneys of Terry & Roberts.

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