child custody cases

Six Factors Judges Consider in Child Custody Cases

If two parents are unable to reach an agreement on a parenting plan, a family court judge will be forced to make a decision after giving each of the parents the right to present their case. Judges have the freedom and ability to consider a wide range of factors in reaching their decision. First, there…

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Filing for Full Custody

Filing for Full Custody: What You Need to Know

There are valid reasons why a parent would want to have full custody of their children. As a parent, you can file for full custody, either as part of the divorce process or by filing for a modification to the parenting plan. Regardless of when you file, you will need to overcome the policy interests…

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How Joint Custody Works in Texas

How Joint Custody Works in Texas

In divorce cases, parents (or a judge) must figure out the relationship between the divorcing parents and how their children will be raised. One common option is joint custody, where the parents share equally in the responsibilities. Joint custody – called joint managing conservatorship in Texas – is the preferred option, although it is not…

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Contested Divorce

5 Reasons To Choose a Contested Divorce

When it comes to divorce, there are times when separating couples can mutually agree; however, in just as many if not more cases, one or more issues can lead to a conflict between the parties, necessitating a contested divorce. Understanding what a contested divorce means is incredibly important when separating from a spouse and moving…

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back to school

Smart Start: Back to School Tips for a Successful School Year

With summertime winding down and September crawling closer, the back to school transition this year is certainty unlike anything parents have prepared for before. As school supply lists and classrooms have been swapped for Zoom meetings and makeshift at-home offices, both parent and child will need to lean on one another as they navigate the…

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Child custody for fathers

Dads’ Guide to Navigating Texas Child Custody

Learning how to navigate child custody is difficult for any parent; learning how to transverse child custody for fathers can be especially difficult as finding helpful during this time can be few and far between. Fathers have the same rights as mothers to grow their parent-child relationships during a complex and difficult time without obstacles…

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