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8 Things to Know About a SAPCR

Divorces are emotional processes, especially when children are involved. A suit affecting the parent-child relationship or a SAPCR is an essential part of a divorce that involves children. It is meant to establish the best environment possible for the child or children of the parents who are getting a divorce. The following are eight important…

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Doctors and Divorce in Texas

A Doctor’s Guide to Divorce in Texas

Divorce is an emotional and complicated process for anyone, but for doctors and other medical professionals many unique complications can arise that require special attention. A doctor’s personal and financial future may be seriously impacted by the outcome of a divorce, as his or her medical license, ethical standing, and professional career will be put…

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Who Gets the House in a Divorce?

Who Gets the House in a Divorce?

In the majority of Texas divorces, the house is the largest asset to apportion. It can also be the most difficult asset to divide, as property decisions can be extremely emotional and have a significant financial impact. This house has sheltered and protected your family and you may want to hold on to the property….

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401k divorce

How Is a 401k Divided in a Divorce?

Divorce can be complicated, which can lead to emotional exhaustion and financial concern. You may have multiple financial agreements, insurance policies, and retirement accounts that are shared with your soon-to-be ex-partner that will need to be divided appropriately. Finding solutions that work for all parties involved is just one part of the puzzle, as you…

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Hire A Divorce Attorney | Brazoria County

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Divorce Attorney

No one enters into a marriage planning on getting divorced. Divorce law is complex and requires following a specific legal process that can take as little as a few months but as long as a few years depending on the circumstances surrounding the relationship and divorce proceedings. While you may be tempted to save some…

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Texas Quick Divorce Attorney

Can I Get a Quick Divorce in Texas?

Whether married for a short period of time or a few decades, the decision to end a marriage is not an easy one. Divorce is not something we typically associate with happiness or joy, and as such many couples ask just how quickly the divorce process can be completed. In Texas, a quick divorce can…

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