Can My Texas Adoption Be Delayed Due to Coronavirus?

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Managing and planning for a family during uncertain times such as those as we are currently experiencing is an exhausting and emotional process for parents. The adoption process on its own can and often does bring serious stress to parents due to the sensitive nature of familial relationships compounded by the many complex legal matters involved. For those pursuing adoption during the current global Coronavirus pandemic, the usual stress is almost certainly heightened. As brand new protocols are being introduced into nearly every aspect of daily life, many eager parents are concerned their adoptions could be delayed due to COVID-19.

Pursuing Texas Adoption During Coronavirus

 For many, the adoption process they previously anticipated will look very different now. Globally, travel restrictions and social distancing standards have been enforced to reduce the spread of COVID-19. For those pursuing adoption, this means a variety of steps during the process could be changed significantly if not completely removed.

Hospital visits for expecting parents during deliveries have rapidly evolved to meet the safety standards and health concerns of mothers and newborns. For many, this means planned visits to the hospital and/or doctor’s appointments may not be possible. While this does not apply to every situation, it’s important that prospective parents follow all advice given by doctors pertaining to visits.

Travel restrictions could complicate some adoptions, including delaying adoptions depending on the individual circumstances of the case. For unique situations that require travel outside of Texas, it is best to consult with an experienced family law attorney with a strong background in successful Texas adoptions. The support and guidance of a Texas adoption attorney will not only bring peace of mind to prospective parents, but will also ensure you abide by all applicable laws and legal requirements in a timely manner. Travel within Texas is permitted; however, it is recommended that prospective parents address any travel-related questions with legal counsel.

Bonding may look different due to social distancing guidelines; however, it is no less important or valuable. Playdates and other planned outings may have to be restructured or postponed, but through a coordinated and thoughtful effort made with the assistance of an adoption attorney, this step in the process can be successfully maneuvered. The use of video technology could be introduced for face-to-face time and chats, as well as other activities that allow for parent-child bonding.

Home studies may also look different – including the use of video technology as well as pre-screening for all persons living inside a residence prior to a meeting. In addition to these potential changes, depending on the unique facts of each case, state-ordered health and safety guidelines such as the use of personal protective equipment (masks) might be required.

Brazoria County Adoption Attorneys

While there’s no doubt that daily life looks different than a year ago, prospective parents considering or actively involved in an adoption in Texas should not fear. Through the support of an experienced Texas adoption attorney like those on the legal team at Terry & Roberts, families can take comfort in knowing their legal matters will be handled appropriately and in a timely manner that meets any changes that arise due to Coronavirus. Families wait long enough throughout the adoption process. If you or someone you know is interested in or has questions concerning an adoption in Texas, contact us today for more information.


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